Monday, 12 January 2015

History Makers Carpet

According to historical records, carpet made by nomadic people (people who nomadic place), especially hunting community. The figures shown relate to the religious life, state, longevity, luck, safety and health. The carpet itself based on its function consists of five types of functions, namely to walls, floors, collectibles, decor, and investment.

Never heard of carpet products or see the price of a textile export (tapestry) reached US $ 226 875 a? Imagine if converted back into rupiah in the present conditions. Thus, the figures are obtained even more rows. However, do not necessarily discouraged and decided to buy a carpet export failed. Therefore, the exorbitant price is the price of one of the world's most expensive rug. The most expensive carpet was on display at the National Museum in Jakarta in 1993 by a collector from Iran.If the price can be raised up, of these rugs have many privileges. Just so you know, antique rugs depicting the struggle of Alexander the Great-based painting of Charles Le Brun-was made in 1680! Made of silk and wool measuring 620 cm x 400 cm. And, the maker only makes two carpet alone. A more now in the collection of the National Museum of Munich in Germany.
Another carpet is, carpet belonging masterpieces depicting Khesthi Park. Measuring 405 cm x 305 cm and made from silk, carpets from Heriz, northern Iran, it was completed in the 18th century. Another advantage it has is a blend of 15 beautiful colors with primary colors of gold, brown, beige, dark blue, light blue, and gray.
Persia (now Iran, red) is known as a good old-fashioned carpet maker. Generally, carpets woven Persian demonstrates techniques and contains a high artistic value from the 15th century. Carpets are similar only in Gewerebe Hamburg Art Museum and Museum of Crafts Frankfurt, Germany.
Ancient carpets are generally done by hand and using techniques knot. Since most originate or imitate Persian rugs, decorative carpet then characterized by Islam. For example, there are flowers and leaves are arranged in one place (jar).
To wall carpet is usually large. Such carpets are often used in the palace. Parties’ palace often use large cleaningcarpet in Coulsdon to the floor. Instead a small carpet used on the floor.

In Persian finesse make existing carpets around the 15th century. In the old days most carpets are made by women. A large rug can spend time making of approximately three years. Therefore, the price is very expensive.

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