Monday, 29 December 2014

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning of offices, buildings, manufacturing plants, warehouses, private buildings and homes. All ensured on the basis of well-defined customer requirements. It is a comprehensive service including regular cleaning including window cleaning, floor care, carpet and upholstery cleaning, taking out the trash and waste sorting. We also provide maintenance and cleaning of small green outdoor spaces. These services also supply hygiene products all over the cities across the world and also in orpington.

One Time Cleaning

One time cleaning team performs professionally trained personnel "fast company", which focuses on cleaning and painting, restoration, cleaning buildings and households.

Floor Cleaning Machine and Renovation

For floor cleaning machine use executive floor scrubbing and washing machines. These machines using special chemicals to clean the depth of any structure floor. Waxing on polymer-based floor provide a new look, durability and easy maintenance.
Carpet and upholstery cleaning


Machine carpet cleaning is performed using powerful extractors using friendly cleaning agents. Carpets cleaned at the company's headquarters BLANKYT where they are ready for collection within 7 working days.
Washing the car interiors

Clean the interior of your vehicle, including upholstery and we will handle plastic parts, which gives the entire vehicle a new look
window Cleaning

Washing windows, glass windows and skylights performed by employees who are specially trained for these activities and for working at heights. We use a microfiber cleaning technology that is proven especially in households.
Cleaning elevators and elevator shafts

As part of compliance with fire and health standards provide professional cleaning of elevators and elevator shafts. We offer cleaning wire, and glass shafts, including the cab. We also provide any assistance mountaineer.

Maintenance Small Green

We mowing, raking leaves, care of small trees, snow removal and other work around the house.

Cleaning photovoltaic panels

To enhance the performance of PV plants offer regular cleaning of the solar panels in summer and in winter.

Monday, 22 December 2014

Cleaning & Restoration Center Carpets

When a Carpet is withdrawn for a wash in the first step in the identification of materials, the origin and gender of the carpet; works by washing can be conditioned and varied greatly depending on how the carpet looks. Considering the materials it is made of a carpet brushes and products used must be adapted every time, such as a silk rug will be treated in a more delicate than a wool carpet and then the brushes will have softer bristles; but of considering the origin of the carpet depending think this is Caucasian, Indian, Afghan, Pakistani or Persian has structures and methods of spinning and knotting different and so consequently different cleaning methods and techniques. The genre of the carpet further affects the methodology of the wash as a carpet can be of ancient times, old or newer; can be spun or glued, can be knotted or embroidered. Based on all these variants considered for adapting your washing the rug carpet clean hire washes ensures accurate and ideals with the best results even in the most difficult stains such as wine or pee, such as discoloration, as moths or insects or as unpleasant odors thanks to special treatments effective and targeted.
Repair Fringe
The carpets are often subject to wear, over time it can damage and ruin but do not worry it is normal because it is manufactured. If we notice that our carpet is starting to lose some node dannegiarsi or otherwise, should act as soon as possible by limiting damages and costs. The restorations are the most common ones being fringed edges and also the parts that wear out the carpet but there are holes untap marciature color loss or other damage caused by the carelessness of the owner. In any case, whatever the damage is always possible remedy.

One of the most exposed parts of the carpet is the part of the fringes, it may happen that the carpet starts to lose some nodes as there is a closure that block them; if we intervene promptly and do not leave the carpet to its course can limit the damage by keeping the carpet as close as possible to its original condition. In the case then the carpet is consumed at the level of the fringes can act in two different ways:
Pull off the nodes from the carpet so as to equalize the wear and perform a subsequent double knot locking of the nodes in a manner as not to have subsequent damage;
Rebuild the damaged part of the carpet then entering a new fringe visually making the carpet as if there had not been any damage.

In the case of precious rugs or tapestries in which nodes removed or added as would damage the carpet act by blocking the damage in a way that does not make progress and get bigger.

Remove Deodorant Stains

Ever noticed how visible underarm deodorant on white shirts? The shirt is usually left with a yellow unsightly stains. While black shirts did not show signs of spots, the spots are usually present as well. It is therefore important to make sure you have removed deodorant stains from all your shirts when washing them. Left unmarked, these spots can trap bacteria cause odor, discoloration and stiffness of the fabric.Deodorants do to work on the smell that comes as a result of sweating and perspiring. Some deodorant has a very strong smell so that they end up being more irritating than the sweat itself.
The antiperspirant contained in the deodorant is what is responsible for stopping the sweat glands from performing their function.The sweat glands are intended to produce sweat, which in turn cools down your body as the sweat evaporates
The ingredients that make your sweat glands do not produce sweat are the same ones who are responsible to stain your clothing. Aluminum salts (aluminum chlorohydrate, aluminum chloride and aluminum zirconium) placed in deodorants reduce sweat production. These salts combine with sweat to form a gel that blocks the tubes that lead to the sweat glands. This prevents sweat to come to the surface for a while.
When there is excess moisture or when you work out, the antiperspirant take off, and your body will start sweating again. The minerals in your sweat mixed with the chemicals in the antiperspirant, and the mixture will stick in the fibers of your clothes. This mixture results in the spots you see on your blouse, t-shirts or even undergarments.
For Washable Fabric, Follow the Steps Below:
Washable fabrics including spandex, polyester, Olefin, Nylon, Modacrylic and acrylic Fabric.
Many deodorant stains spent by pretreating. This method involves a grease stain-removal agent before laundering. Apply it directly on the stain. Then wash normally.
If the stain does not come off after pretreating.Rinse over the detergent.
Flush using white vinegar.Then rinse in clean water.If the stain is persistent.Hide the stained patch with denatured alcohol..Rinse with clean water.Dry cloth or wash it normally

For Non-Washable Fabrics, Follow the Steps Below.
Non-washable fabrics include Lana, Triacetate, silk, Rayon, Linen, fiberglass, Cotton, / Wool, Carpet / Synthetic, burlap and acetate.

Rubbing alcohol on the stained patch, then cover it with absorbent filler which Dump (the filling should be soaked in diluted alcohol with two parts water for Rayon, Triacetate and acetate. For silk, first attempt to colorfastness before using alcohol)

  •  Keep both wet
    • Leave it alone surtiel long as it takes to remove the stain.
    • If the stain is persistent, hide it (this is the method of grease stain removing to loosen the stains components and the residue left by stain removers) with a mixture of small ammonia and warm sudsy water. When dealing with wool and silk will be extra careful.
    • Rinse the cloth with clean water
    •  Make sure you dry thoroughly
    • If the fabric of color has been changed, you can change this effect using a wet sponge. The sponge should be watered with 2 parts water and one part ammonia.
    • Stroke lightly, moving the sponge out from the center of the spot.
    Note: Do not iron deodorant stains as waste most tissues.
    • Wear a shirt under the outer face shirt
    • Use aluminum-free deodorant or those who have a minimum aluminum salts
    • Let the deodorant dry before dressing to avoid coming into contact with your clothing
    • Use baking soda instead of deodorant. It combats body odor
    • Instead of deodorant, use sugar-free alcohol based mouthwash delete your underarms and stay fresh.
    • Use one patch to remove before you try another cleaning solution.
    • Before using the following spot Remover, Rinse over the previous thoroughly.

    Treat the Fabric Gently.
    Give the cleaning solvosufican time to soak and dissolve the minerals associated with the tissue. (Deodorant and sweat stains are minerals that are attached to the cloth).
    The darker the stained patch is, the more difficult it will be to clean.

    Before attempting any cleaning solution, check out the clothing item the label to see if it is meant to be dry cleaned.

    Some Common Problems of Carpets

    Loss Wool
    In time all carpets worked with wool they lose small amounts. The handmade carpets still lose less wool than Hand tuft.
    Woolen Threads
    Carpets anodati is very common to find small pieces of wool that come from the fleece. Making sure you can remove them by cutting with scissors
    Small Folds
    After spreading the carpet you need to wait two or three weeks before it has completely lost some small fold. Sometimes simply rewind the carpet in the opposite to how it was previously rolled.
    Often the rugs that are placed to direct sunlight can create a temporary effect of portions faded. In these cases it is good to rotate the carpet and if possible always create a barrier to the direct rays of the sun. With these simple precautions will return the carpet in the short as it was originally.
    The Strong Use
    If the carpet is placed in very busy place, and then walked on, to maintain integrity in all its parts is good to rotate the environment at least every 3-4 months.
    The Smell
    When the carpet is removed from the bag in which was contained often need about a week of time because it may lose the distinctive odor of the product that has long been deprived of air.
    Below we give you some tips for how to cure and maintenance intact over time your carpet.

    The Aspiration
    Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner can be done once a week in the sense of the fleece. You can easily understand in which direction it is facing the fleece passing his hand along the carpet. If the fleece is soft, it is proceeding in the direction of the pile, if it is rough and you lift, you are making a move in the opposite direction. The important thing to remember is to lift the vacuum cleaner after each movement, so as not to pass back and forth! Also pay attention to the fringes, making sure that they are not sucked from the beak.
    We must avoid beating carpets, as there is the risk of ruining the nodes.
    Accidental Drips
    When you spill something on the carpet is important to prevent it from being absorbed by the wool carpet. You should not rub because the risk is to send even deeper into the bush. Try to wipe the liquid with a clean white cloth. The cloth will be absorbent.
    If necessary, dilute the stain with cold water and add a small amount of dishwashing liquid. It 'still well also be equipped with a gentle stain remover that will remove any remaining stain. When complete, restore the sense of fleece with a clothes brush and if necessary to dry the wet area with a fan or hair dryer.
    When stains are important and difficult to remove is necessary to hire professional structure.
    Deep Marks in the Carpet
    If the carpet were to present deep marks or other types of sign due to a cabinet or the like can be eliminated easily. Start a cloth and rinse in cold water and spread it on the area that presents the signs. Then take an iron and wipe the cloth a few times, in the sense of the fleece. If so making the sign has not yet disappeared, you can repeat the process.
    Synthetic Carpets - Polypropylene / Nylon:
    •         Remove the stain with a dry white cotton or paper towel.
    •         Scrape off food residue or with a spoon.
    •         Mix a small amount of dishwashing detergent with a cup of cold water.
    •         Making infill dry with a towel.
    •         Stain remover gentle can be used to remove grease and stubborn dirt.
    •         Wool carpets:
    •         Remove the stain with a dry white cotton or paper towel.
    •         Scrape off food residue or with a spoon.
    •         Mix a small amount of dishwashing detergent with a cup of cold water.
    •         With clean mix sponge and soap, gently remove the rest of the stain. Avoid excessive use of water.
    •         Making infill dry with a towel.
    •         The wool carpets are more prone to loss of color if the intervention is too strong
    •         In many cases it is better to turn to professional facilities.

    Shaggy Rugs:
    •         To remove dust without pulling the threads of the carpet is good to use un'aspirtapolvere with roller beater
    •         Remove the stain with a dry white cotton or paper towel.
    •         Scrape off food residue or with a spoon.
    •         Mix a small amount of dishwashing detergent with a cup of cold water.
    •         Making infill dry with a towel.
    •         Stain remover gentle can be used to remove grease and stubborn dirt.

    Outdoor Rugs
    •         Remove the stain with a dry white cotton or paper towel.
    •         Scrape off food residue or with a spoon.
    •         Mix a small amount of dishwashing detergent with a cup of cold water.
    •         With clean mix sponge and soap, gently remove the rest of the stain.
    •         Allow long time outdoors to dry
    •         In some cases, space permitting, perform cleaning spray
    • ·         with the mixture of soap and water

    Thursday, 20 November 2014

    Regular Cleaning of Your Carpets

    The easy way out: How to get stains carpets with simple means
    Drop the expensive carpet cleaning and use instead the nature and cheap housewife tricks when the carpet needs to be cleaned.
    The paste has just been served, and three minutes later is a small portion of the red meat sauce on the floor. Specifically on the carpet, as steadily, albeit slowly sucking the red color to it. Most stains on carpets can be removed with soap flakes dissolved in water at a ratio of 1/2 cup soap flakes to a pint of water. The mixture is whipped into a thick foam that pile up on the spot and pulls in 10-15 minutes.
    Then blot the stain and spot washed with pure water. It removes most annoying spots,

    Defer action
    Although housewife experts recommend that you remove the stains right away, you can still delay the rescue operation up to 24 hours.
    "Are you in the middle of a party, it's not like just to throw themselves over a carpet cleaner. So you just have to make sure to keep the stain moist until you can remove it.
    The worst thing you can do is resort to stopgap.
    "You should not start making all sorts of half-hearted rescue attempt due to time constraints. Better to wait until you have time to do it properly.
    Remove odors with baking agent
    If you have a smelly spot to do, it is not certain that it is enough to only remove the color.
    Here does not, however, resort to harsh cleaners or the expensive perfume. According most of the experts, “take soda great care of the problem. Pour soda in addition to carpet and make sure that it gets rubbed in well. Let it sit for a day or two, and vacuum then thoroughly. So should smell like to be removed.
    Clean with nature's help
    Is it winter, and there is a fine blanket of snow in the garden, it is advantageous to utilize the snow to clean the house carpets. Is there fresh snow and not a dog urinating in the garden - it's a good idea to use snow to clean the carpets which people use in several cities like Bromley," adding that as a starting point in the daily can just to vacuum his carpets. They cannot be washed in a washing machine, the snow, however, a smart and simple tool.

    "Pull the carpets out in the snow with the surface down and bank on top of them. Let them sit for an hour or two, so the snow can penetrate and remove them then in, allow it to dry before vacuuming.