Monday, 22 December 2014

Cleaning & Restoration Center Carpets

When a Carpet is withdrawn for a wash in the first step in the identification of materials, the origin and gender of the carpet; works by washing can be conditioned and varied greatly depending on how the carpet looks. Considering the materials it is made of a carpet brushes and products used must be adapted every time, such as a silk rug will be treated in a more delicate than a wool carpet and then the brushes will have softer bristles; but of considering the origin of the carpet depending think this is Caucasian, Indian, Afghan, Pakistani or Persian has structures and methods of spinning and knotting different and so consequently different cleaning methods and techniques. The genre of the carpet further affects the methodology of the wash as a carpet can be of ancient times, old or newer; can be spun or glued, can be knotted or embroidered. Based on all these variants considered for adapting your washing the rug carpet clean hire washes ensures accurate and ideals with the best results even in the most difficult stains such as wine or pee, such as discoloration, as moths or insects or as unpleasant odors thanks to special treatments effective and targeted.
Repair Fringe
The carpets are often subject to wear, over time it can damage and ruin but do not worry it is normal because it is manufactured. If we notice that our carpet is starting to lose some node dannegiarsi or otherwise, should act as soon as possible by limiting damages and costs. The restorations are the most common ones being fringed edges and also the parts that wear out the carpet but there are holes untap marciature color loss or other damage caused by the carelessness of the owner. In any case, whatever the damage is always possible remedy.

One of the most exposed parts of the carpet is the part of the fringes, it may happen that the carpet starts to lose some nodes as there is a closure that block them; if we intervene promptly and do not leave the carpet to its course can limit the damage by keeping the carpet as close as possible to its original condition. In the case then the carpet is consumed at the level of the fringes can act in two different ways:
Pull off the nodes from the carpet so as to equalize the wear and perform a subsequent double knot locking of the nodes in a manner as not to have subsequent damage;
Rebuild the damaged part of the carpet then entering a new fringe visually making the carpet as if there had not been any damage.

In the case of precious rugs or tapestries in which nodes removed or added as would damage the carpet act by blocking the damage in a way that does not make progress and get bigger.

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