Monday, 29 December 2014

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning of offices, buildings, manufacturing plants, warehouses, private buildings and homes. All ensured on the basis of well-defined customer requirements. It is a comprehensive service including regular cleaning including window cleaning, floor care, carpet and upholstery cleaning, taking out the trash and waste sorting. We also provide maintenance and cleaning of small green outdoor spaces. These services also supply hygiene products all over the cities across the world and also in orpington.

One Time Cleaning

One time cleaning team performs professionally trained personnel "fast company", which focuses on cleaning and painting, restoration, cleaning buildings and households.

Floor Cleaning Machine and Renovation

For floor cleaning machine use executive floor scrubbing and washing machines. These machines using special chemicals to clean the depth of any structure floor. Waxing on polymer-based floor provide a new look, durability and easy maintenance.
Carpet and upholstery cleaning


Machine carpet cleaning is performed using powerful extractors using friendly cleaning agents. Carpets cleaned at the company's headquarters BLANKYT where they are ready for collection within 7 working days.
Washing the car interiors

Clean the interior of your vehicle, including upholstery and we will handle plastic parts, which gives the entire vehicle a new look
window Cleaning

Washing windows, glass windows and skylights performed by employees who are specially trained for these activities and for working at heights. We use a microfiber cleaning technology that is proven especially in households.
Cleaning elevators and elevator shafts

As part of compliance with fire and health standards provide professional cleaning of elevators and elevator shafts. We offer cleaning wire, and glass shafts, including the cab. We also provide any assistance mountaineer.

Maintenance Small Green

We mowing, raking leaves, care of small trees, snow removal and other work around the house.

Cleaning photovoltaic panels

To enhance the performance of PV plants offer regular cleaning of the solar panels in summer and in winter.

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